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Lycée La Chance
Designer | Patternmaker | Couture Seamstress

 I am a clothing designer, fashion pattern maker, and couture seamstress. I have a ready to wear line, but I also create one of a kind garments and accessories. You can see my one of a kind and custom pieces in the Gallery section here. I am always sewing, always creating.  I believe that clothing should be beautiful, soft, and of course, magical! I am a true believer that clothing can transport us from everyday life into a world of  beauty and enchantment.


 My passion for Sewing begin at 10 years old when my grandmother Celeste took me under her wing and taught me the magic of creating my own unique garments.  Blending in was never my thing and I believed in creating my own reality early on. As a young lady, I was deeply inspired by faeries and all things magical. I was heavily involved in ballet and theater which is certainly a reason I love to costume and create. I always believed in a world of enchantment and artistic expression, so it made perfect sense that creating clothing to suit my individuality and my personal mythos would become my path.  It is for that reason that I decided to further my sewing and patterning knowledge and attend the Academy of Art university in San Francisco in the 90s to study pattern making and fashion design. I was lucky enough to also be taken under the wing of Lynn Fauss, an instructor at FIDM. I spent many days at her studio as she helped me to hone my patterning skills. I have also immersed myself in advanced couture worshops, studying couture sewing technique and advanced pattern design. There is always more to know when it comes to sewing and pattering... it really is a lifelong journey. 


With a background in dance, theater, and music, I find design inspiration in all of these facets of my life. As a dancer, I know that the movement and flow of a garment is essential.  The fit must honor the dance, and this has always played a large role in how I design and pattern clothing.  As a lover of music and dance, I have traveled the country experiencing different subcultures that have shaped and inspired my aesthetic.... from the world of Ballet, to the Grateful Dead scene, as well as the Bellydance community, Burningman, and festivals all over.  I was a professional fire dancer for about 10 years, getting to perform at exclusive events and even had the incredible opportunity to perform at the MGM Grand  Arena for Cirque du Soleil! 


I draw from my unique life experiences and my profound love of beautiful fabrics to create sumptuous, elegant, and timeless pieces that are sure to bring much magic to those who wear them. I believe that my clothing inspires people to feel free to be themselves and to express the joy of life in the most beautiful way. It is my deepest joy to design and sew garments to make people feel connected to the magic that they have inside.

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